Suzuki Method & Music Education for very young children

Worldwide there is increasing interest in music education for young children. More and more courses for this age group appear on the market. Music schools offer several instrumental courses for the very young and teachers enjoy their experiments with this age group. In practice teachers often encounter difficulties in adapting their approach to accommodate needs and level of understanding of these children.
Suzuki Method has several decades experience with music education for very young pupils. Thousands of teachers worldwide share their knowledge during courses, conferences and web contacts. Within Europe the ESA ( European Suzuki Association) is responsible for quality teacher training courses.

What will you learn during the course ?

Trainees learn how to implement the Suzuki approach to music education while developing all aspects of their own playing and teaching. Suzuki teachers are specially trained to work with children from the age of three or four, and learn how to foster all aspects of a child’s musical growth with a positive and supportive approach and a greater understanding of the need for music in every child’s life.
Trainees develop their own performance ability, musical memory, tone production, technique and musicianship, and gain the confidence to instill these skills in their students. With great emphasis placed on observation of other teachers and practice teaching at every level, trainees have the invaluable opportunity to learn from those with many years of experience who can provide constructive feedback on each trainee’s teaching skills.
Where Love is deep much can be accomplished
Shinichi Suzuki

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